Change is Challenging
It's Slow Cooker Season!


Normally I am not a little dog person, but I totally fell in love with Barley, my friends Rachel & Najib's dog this weekend. I think he fell in love with me a little too.  Just sayin'.  I really couldn't have asked for a better weekend -- catching up with Lauren, Caroline & Tara at Highlands and Daddy-o, a run before First Saturday brunch with killer conversations, bacon, homemade granola, and some of the most amazing friends I have, dinner and drinks at the Counting Room (thanks, Vince & Maks!) with @jakehparrott and @jasonmader, late-night bloody mary prep, giving high fives to the marathon runners in Brooklyn, with cameo appearances from Doug, Leora & Galit, hanging on the stoop drinking aforementioned bloodys, Hall & Oates, plenty of laughter, afternoon laziness, a bit of work, and a good night's sleep.  

PS -- if I ever start a band it's going to be called "A Jew Like Me."  Think it'll catch on?

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