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What's Your Lifestyle?

Over the past few days, I've had more than one conversation with people I know about what they imagine their future life to look like, either with or without a significant other.  I think about this quite a bit -- I see a bright, open apartment with a yard or roof deck, space to entertain comfortably, a kitchen that allows me to cook with others.  I imagine a very social lifestyle, somewhat like what I have now -- having people over, going to outdoor concerts, visiting museums, going to restaurants -- even when there are kids (hopefully) involved.  I don't see myself living in the suburbs or keeping to myself.  Maybe this is unrealistic with a family, but I don't think so, and it is what I strive to create in my life.

It becomes problematic when there are two people in the mix -- if they don't share the same view of their ideal lifestyle, there will always be friction.  It's certainly easier on one's own.  But, what I'm realizing is that, family or not, I have the power and the ability to make my life what I want it to be -- so stay tuned, folks, there may be some changes in the works.  They won't take place right away, but slowly and steadily, I will add on the the life that I have to create the life I want to have in the future.

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