Mess = Good
Relaxation Therapy

Dear Laren,

I was just writing to remind you that sometimes I like a quiet night at home.  Maybe just one or two a week. Don't get me wrong -- I love getting you through triathlons, cocktail conferences, and your ridiculous work/social schedule, but I do need a certain amount of sleep.  And downtime.  That couch you have is quite comfy, and I know you enjoy cooking meals in your kitchen.

I don't mean to be demanding or anything.  I tried to send you a warning sign earlier this week, with all the sniffling and sneezing, and you let me rest a bit, but then you started right back up again with the workouts and the going out and the not enough sleep thing.

I truly hope that we can work something out on this front or I may just crap out on you altogether. 


Your Body

PS -- Your Soul says hi, and is putting in a request for weekly yoga in addition to more downtime


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