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Back to Life . . . Back to Reality


What a relaxing week -- cooking, runs, yoga, laughs, naps, and sand between my toes.  Thanks to Em & Jenn for keeping me company and to John for the hospitality.  I returned to NYC late Friday night to ease the transition, and had a fantastic Saturday at the Greenmarket, followed by some lounging in my backyard (a.k.a. Washington Square Park) and a visit to the Rhum Rhum Room with @daisy17, @cocktailspirit, later joined by Jordana & Daniel.  After that, a trip to Brooklyn for a cocktail soiree hosted by @paystyle and Vanessa with @selenawrites also in attendance.  Finished out the night back at the Rhum Rhum Room.

Sunday was a dim sum bachelorette brunch for Deb L. at Jing Fong followed by a nap, and capped off with a trip to Town Hall to see Rachel Maddow & Ira Glass with @cocktailspirit.  After Mad Men, it was off to bed for a good night's sleep for the week ahead.

When's the next vacation?  Ah yes, mid-October for a long weekend in L.A.  Watch out, West Coast!

Vacation Transition

After a long weekend in the woods of Maine, I'm now off to the beach -- Kismet, on Fire Island -- for the remainder of the week.  Even if the weather doesn't cooperate, there will be plenty of relaxing to do.  See you on Sunday!

Deep Thoughts from the Weekend

- It's refreshing to see parts of your friends' personalities that are new to you that amaze you -- in a good way.

- Having a dinner party that lasts until the wee hours makes you truly appreciate how terribly lucky you are to have such good company in your life.

- A friendship with someone who you've known for well over 20 years is a special thing, and should be treasured.

- Sometimes, when your expectations are lower than low, you can be surprised, and end up smiling.

What's Your Lifestyle?

Over the past few days, I've had more than one conversation with people I know about what they imagine their future life to look like, either with or without a significant other.  I think about this quite a bit -- I see a bright, open apartment with a yard or roof deck, space to entertain comfortably, a kitchen that allows me to cook with others.  I imagine a very social lifestyle, somewhat like what I have now -- having people over, going to outdoor concerts, visiting museums, going to restaurants -- even when there are kids (hopefully) involved.  I don't see myself living in the suburbs or keeping to myself.  Maybe this is unrealistic with a family, but I don't think so, and it is what I strive to create in my life.

It becomes problematic when there are two people in the mix -- if they don't share the same view of their ideal lifestyle, there will always be friction.  It's certainly easier on one's own.  But, what I'm realizing is that, family or not, I have the power and the ability to make my life what I want it to be -- so stay tuned, folks, there may be some changes in the works.  They won't take place right away, but slowly and steadily, I will add on the the life that I have to create the life I want to have in the future.

Relaxation Therapy


I haven't been getting nearly enough down time lately, so when I received a last minute invitation to head out to West Hampton this weekend, I jumped on it.  I took a stupidly early train on Saturday which afforded me a full beach day -- and the weather couldn't have been more gorgeous.  Just what the doctor ordered -- sand, surf, friends, laughter, and dinner on the grill (which was ever-so-tasty).  Looking forward to my full week of relaxation -- up to the cabin in Maine for a long weekend followed by several days on Fire Island -- at the end of the month, but have quite a bit to do before then . . .


Dear Laren,

I was just writing to remind you that sometimes I like a quiet night at home.  Maybe just one or two a week. Don't get me wrong -- I love getting you through triathlons, cocktail conferences, and your ridiculous work/social schedule, but I do need a certain amount of sleep.  And downtime.  That couch you have is quite comfy, and I know you enjoy cooking meals in your kitchen.

I don't mean to be demanding or anything.  I tried to send you a warning sign earlier this week, with all the sniffling and sneezing, and you let me rest a bit, but then you started right back up again with the workouts and the going out and the not enough sleep thing.

I truly hope that we can work something out on this front or I may just crap out on you altogether. 


Your Body

PS -- Your Soul says hi, and is putting in a request for weekly yoga in addition to more downtime


Mess = Good

As I sat last night cracking into a bowl of lobster knuckles at Mary's Fish Camp, I once again came to the realization that I don't ever want to date someone with whom I am not completely comfortable stuffing my face with the most primal, messy food around -- ribs, lobster, etc.  In fact, I'm starting to think that should be a requirement in the first few dates.