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Make New Friends, But Keep the Old . . .

Next Wednesday morning I'm heading down to New Orleans for Tales of the Cocktail, a multi-day party conference revolving around all things boozy (and in my case, of course, food). I was looking at a Facebook event that someone set up to see who's heading down, and looking at those I know on the list -- about 30, give or take -- I didn't know almost any of you last year.  It's kind of amazing how many new and wonderful people are now part of my world, and I feel incredibly lucky to have met you all.  I can't wait to have fun in NOLA with you all (although I'm a little nervous, I'll admit)!!

PS -- I'm bringing my gym clothes and do plan on working out at least a little while I'm there.  Announcing it here so that you can all laugh in my face when you see me.

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