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To Keep You Entertained


until I can pull it together to write up my summary of Tales of the Cocktail, I offer this Sazerac picture and my latest posts on Serious Eats NY to keep you entertained.

Mix It Up: NYC in NOLA - The Sazerac

Meet & Eat: Katherine Thompson, Pastry Chef

Mix It Up: Non-Alcoholic Cocktails at Rouge Tomate

Meet & Eat: Todd Richman, Specialty Spirits Ambassador

Mix It Up: Tuesday the 13th at Cienfuegos

Meet & Eat: Kara Masi, Founder, The Great Hot Dog Cookoff (going tomorrow!)

Back in One Piece


Rabbit and sausage jambalaya and Creole fried chicken from Coop's Place


a perfect Ramos gin fizz at the Sazerac Bar in the Roosevelt Hotel

Absinthe house

the typical end of every night - congregating outside the Old Absinthe House

On Sunday I returned from Tales of the Cocktail, an annual cocktail conference in New Orleans.  I'll do my best to give a recap shortly, but for now, pictures are worth a thousand words.

Swim, Bike, Run, Nap, Celebrate!

I'm happy to report that I successfully finished another NYC Triathlon in my goal of under 3 1/2 hours at 3:29:41!  I was thrilled (but not at all surprised) that I cut down the time on my swim -- I actually got into a really good groove -- but apparently I was futzing around during my transitions and didn't push quite hard enough on the bike!  I'm pretty pleased with the run as well, especially given the heat.  All in all, though, it was a great race.  Here are my times for comparison.

2010: Swim 20:54 T1 11:39 Bike 1:42:43 T2 6:26 Run 1:08:01

2009: Swim 24:30 T1 10:17 Bike 1:40:57 T2 4:01 Run 1:07:22

2008: Swim 24:30 T1 10:55 Bike 1:36:47 T2 4:00 Run 1:08:40

My highlights from the race:

Seeing Tiffany, with whom I crossed the finish line last year, at the swim start; noticing, for the first time, the distance markers along the way on the swim course; seeing my Mom and Stephen along the course; biking through the tollbooth and enjoying the view over the Hudson River Bridge; playing cat & mouse on the bike course with a fellow Team in Training team member, who, at age 24, was mostly trying to catch me; dancing around to "Can't Touch This," which was playing over the loudspeaker during my second transition (this might account for the long transition time); having April run with me for a portion of the run; hearing people shout out your name (or some variation of it) along the way (I highly recommend putting your name on your shirt); hearing/seeing Rachel from Bespoke Chocolates cheer me on as I was rounding one of the final curves towards the finish; and digging deep and sprinting those last few yards to the sound of a cheering crowd.

Least favorite?  Having to ride my bike home afterward with a backpack full of tri gear.

Thanks to you all, I raised over $3,800 for the Leukemia Lymphoma Society!!!  It is a privilege to be a part of raising money for such a good cause, and I can't thank you enough.  I also want to thank everyone for their words of support and congratulations along the way and after the race, and it was a pleasure celebrating with so many of you last night (especially @jasonwomack & @jodiwomack from Ojai).

I also wanted to send an extra special congrats to Meg, who also trained with TNT and completed her first NYC Tri, Noelle, who did a tri out on the West Coast yesterday, and Chris B., who completed his first tri yesterday in California.  It was fun to have a little training network going on.

I hope I can count on your support for the tri again next year!

The Final Countdown

In case you're keeping track, the NYC Triathlon is less than 48 hours away!!  First, the #drop10beforetri update -- didn't quite make it to 10lbs down, but I dropped 7.8, and feel pretty good about that. Here's hoping not to undo it all in NOLA next week.  I plan to lose the rest (and undo whatever damage I do) when I return.  And now, the TRIATHLON:

1) If you find yourself available to watch the tri, I'll be on the run course around 9-10 on Sunday (give or take a bit). I'll be wearing a purple Team in Training tank, black tri shorts, a yellow number (TBD) and a Jackrabbit white visor. Good places to watch are along 72nd Street from Henry Hudson Parkway to Central Park West, Cherry Hill before we head to the finish on Dead Road in Central Park, and Dead Road in Central Park near the bandshell off the 72nd Street Transverse. Afterward, I'll be hanging out at the bandshell for a bit, so look for me there. Map and more info here.

2) Assuming you're not up that early, come join me at the 8th St. Winecellar anytime after 5pm to celebrate what I hope to be a successful completion of the tri.

3) Regardless, please consider donating to the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society in support of my race -- it's a great cause and I'm proud to be part of their Team in Training. Every bit helps. (Thanks for your support if you've already donated).

Hope to see you on Sunday and thank you all for your support along the way -- I couldn't do this without you all!

Make New Friends, But Keep the Old . . .

Next Wednesday morning I'm heading down to New Orleans for Tales of the Cocktail, a multi-day party conference revolving around all things boozy (and in my case, of course, food). I was looking at a Facebook event that someone set up to see who's heading down, and looking at those I know on the list -- about 30, give or take -- I didn't know almost any of you last year.  It's kind of amazing how many new and wonderful people are now part of my world, and I feel incredibly lucky to have met you all.  I can't wait to have fun in NOLA with you all (although I'm a little nervous, I'll admit)!!

PS -- I'm bringing my gym clothes and do plan on working out at least a little while I'm there.  Announcing it here so that you can all laugh in my face when you see me.

Same Time Next Week

This morning I biked up along the West Side bike path all the way up past the GWB, into Inwood and beyond.  At the same time next week, I will be done with my swim in the Hudson and riding a parallel path up the Henry Hudson Parkway.  I won't, however, have the luxury of taking the subway home, but instead will head off to Central Park for a 10k run. 

I feel ready, but nervous, which seems appropriate.  And at this time next week, I'll hopefully be celebrating my successful triathlon with friends and family!

Comfort Food

Yes, I'm the idiot that was roasting a chicken last night even though it was 8 billion degrees out (using this awesome recipe).  The good news?  Now I have leftover chicken so I don't have to cook much, if at all, over the next few days.  Now that's comfort food for hot weather.

I'm also the idiot who went running this morning in the 99% humidity.  Bleh.

Finding Happiness

I stumbled across a quote recently from Bob Dylan's memoir.  Speaking about his wife, he said, The one thing about her that I always loved was that she was never one of those people who thinks that someone else is the answer to their happiness. Me or anybody else." This truly resonates with me.  I firmly believe that we often spend too much time looking to (or for) others to make us happy.  I am doing my best to focus on all the happiness I have within myself -- and there is a great deal -- the rest will follow.  The only person who can make YOU happy is YOU.