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Dinner Recap

Well, I didn't take any pictures (idiot), but Saturday night's dinner was a success.  Here are the recipes:

- Thai-spiced watermelon soup (chilled) with crabmeat (the hands-down winner of the evening, in my book)

- Vietnamese pork salad (not bad; needed more heat/dressing.  Will be eating leftovers for lunch all week!)

- Mussels with Thai red curry

- Thai coconut pineapple rice (yes, this is a WW recipe! was much improved w/sriracha)

- Strawberry basil sorbet

The evening started out with a tasty bourbon/amaro punch, and we progressed to gruner veltliner and reisling.  A lovely summer dinner -- thanks to my guests!

Weekend Agenda

- Volunteer Friday night at Astor Center Summer Cocktails in Film class

- Early morning BRICK (bike/run) in Central Park

- Greenmarket/shopping for dinner party Sat night

- Make punch/ice cream/dinner prep/nap

- Dinner is served!

- Sunday light workout -- run, swim or yoga

- New Amsterdam Market

- UnFancy Food Show

- Cocktail column research (Painkiller? Cienfuegos? Dutch Kills? Anfora? WD-50?)

Sounds like a great weekend to me!

It's 4 a.m. . . .

And I'm awake. Ugh. When I wake up in the middle of the night, it's always at 4 a.m.  Always.  Not sure why -- some cruel joke on the part of my body clock, I suppose.  I have learned that it does no good to toss and turn in bed; for me, the best thing to get back to sleep is a change of venue -- the couch.  So, I'm off to the couch and will put on some quiet music or a sleep meditation CD (a.k.a. the big guns), which will hopefully send me back to sleep for another few hours.  If not, guess I'll head out for an early morning run.

Just Keep Swimming, Just Keep Swimming*

This morning I headed out to Coney Island for a practice open water swim followed by a run.  The triathlon is a month out, and I've been swimming regularly and confidently, but MAN -- when I put on that wetsuit and get in the open water with a pack of people, it's like I totally forget how to swim.  My stroke is off, my breathing is off, I never get into a rhythm, and I feel like the wetsuit is so confining around my chest and neck that I can't get enough air. The good news is that today was helpful.  I got to practice feeling that way, working through it, and ultimately getting some decent swimming in once I calm down.  The moral of the story is that I am going to pack in the swimming and running for the next month (I'm pretty comfortable/confident on the bike), and will most definitely be at the next open water swim practice on July 10th.  I plan to make a day of it -- who wants to meet me out there?  After my workout, of course -- you can sleep in a bit.

* I adore Finding Nemo!

Triathlon Training Woes

I hit a bit of a rough patch on my training this weekend.  Nothing major, mind you.  I started out strong with a mile swim in just under 40 minutes on Friday, then woke up early for a BRICK (bike/run back to back) workout.  Sure enough, after crossing 72nd Street and arriving in the park, I noticed that my rear tire was flat.  Grr.  I changed it with only some minor struggle, but that cut into my biking time and I was only able to do one loop around the park in our allotted time.  Back at Riverside Park for the run portion of the workout, I was doing okay for a while, and even remembered to switch my Runkeeper program on my phone (which has a GPS to track workouts) from "cycling" to "running," but then I noticed that the GPS wasn't working.  Finally, at about the 30 minute mark, my lower back started to hurt.  A lot.  This is the second time this has happened during a longish run, and it's not pleasant. 

On my way home, I dropped the bike off for a tune-up and stopped at Jackrabbit to purchase a new pair of running shoes -- my old ones are over a year old, which I believe is what's causing the back pain.  Trying out the new ones (Brooks!) tonight.

Also, got a huge kick out of this video -- I think it's part of my open water swim workout this Saturday at Coney Island.  Don't forget to donate!!!

Working for the Weekend

Sooo looking forward to the weekend!  Dinner w/Jenn D., Carrie, and the Lovely Miss Katie, then early to bed for tomorrow's BRICK workout at 7:30 (eek!).  But -- my reward is a trip to Blue Hill at Stone Barns with @daisy17 and @cocktailspirit. And finally, a quiet Sunday with a light run or yoga, cleaning up and reading the paper before a lobster bake at Ditch Plains with the First Saturday ladies.

PS -- did my first full mile swim this season; a few more over the next five weeks to be sure I survive the mighty Hudson on 7/18.  Please donate!!