Early to Bed, Early to Rise?

Update from Probonofest

Menu I'm in Washington DC at the annual Pro Bono Institute.  It's the second day of the conference, and my third day down here, and it has been very successful so far.  On the work front, I had a good meeting with the folks in my DC office about focusing on some new pro bono projects, which I'll try to get moving once I'm back in the office next week, and I co-moderated a panel, which colleagues told me they enjoyed.  On the social front, I went out Wednesday night with @TMFIII and @jasonmader, who took me to the Tabard Inn.  The cocktails, by Chantal Tseng, were delicious, and the company was delightful.  We followed up with a quick stop at the Passenger, which was somewhat overrun due to St. Patrick's Day and overflow from a nearby TV/radio correspondents' dinner.

Although I went to bed at a reasonable hour Wednesday night, given the long day I had yesterday, I was about ready to fall over when my meetings ended at 8pm, but I had arranged (as I tend to do at conferences) a group dinner at Zaytinya.  It was great, but somewhat slow-paced, and didn't end until 11:30, which felt like about 3 a.m. to me.

Slept well last night, and after writing this week's cocktail column, it's off to the races again.  I'm hoping to sneak in a workout somewhere today, and looking forward to our reception with Ruth Bader Ginsburg tonight!

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