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Tri Training in Training

So this week was supposed to be my first real triathlon training week.  As you may know, I'm doing my third NYC Triathlon on July 18th.  I did okay on the running and biking front, but still haven't quite made it into the pool yet.  Next week, I swear -- no excuses.  I'm also starting to feel like regular yoga would be a welcome addition to the mix, as my flexibility isn't great these days.  Plus, it's good for stress-relief, which I can always use. 

That said, I have already started fundraising, and have gotten a few early bird donations (which, in addition to providing much-needed services to those dealing with leukemia and lymphoma, make me extra-motivated -- I can't let my donors down) -- thanks to those who have donated so far!

Want to donate?  Please do!  More information here.

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