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Weekend Wrapup


This one's a doozy, kids.  Before I even managed to start eating dinner on Friday night, I was struck with some sort of stomach bug/food poisoning thing, which basically did me in for the next 24 hours or so.  I won't go into the details -- it wasn't pretty, and I'll leave it at that.  I had all kinds of plans for the weekend which I sadly canceled, but after sleeping for about 11 hours on Saturday night, I actually woke up hungry on Sunday.  I made it through some tea and toast and graduated to chicken and rice soup later in the day. 

The good news about being trapped in the apartment all weekend was that by Sunday, when I was feeling better and had gotten plenty of sleep, I was up bright and early and tackled three loads of laundry along with year-end paperwork, filing, and the beginnings of tax prep.  I did manage to make it out of the apartment (for the first time since Friday night) for the Super Bowl, as @lushlifelindsey and @mysteryaction were kind enough to make a roast chicken among other dishes at their last-minute shindig.  Some plain roast chicken and a baguette washed down with plenty of water were sheer heaven.

Finally, I made a photo calendar for the remainder of the year, featuring the picture above, plus other favorites from 2009, which you can see here.

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