Pro Bono: The Meta Edition
Weekend Wrapup

Previously on LOST


Have I mentioned lately how much I love LOST?  Not just love, but borderline-somewhat-crazy-love.  Like there are several episodes I have watched more than twice love.  Like I record the old episodes when they're on Saturday nights so I can watch them yet again love.  Like I watch old episodes on my iPod on the bike at the gym love. Like I blocked the season premiere date on my calendar months ahead of time love.  Like I've already watched the season premiere twice love.  Fine -- beyond borderline -- full-on crazy.  I don't think I've ever been like this with another TV show.  I blame Sco, who brought the pilot and first few episodes on DVD to OJ one year.  Damn you/thank you!

Loved this recap, btw.  Beware the spoilers.

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