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Muckity Muck


So "the big blizzard" wasn't quite as crazy as everyone made it out to be.  I was at work for most of the day, and from my window the snow looked like it was going in every possible direction -- down, sideways, diagonally, up, and swirling around like a tornado at points.  Later last night the city looked peaceful in its blanket of white.  I love the snow, and the plows were out in full force (at least we know how to deal with snow here, as opposed to in DC, where I have friends going stir-crazy, trapped at home since Thursday) last night.  What I don't like as much, however, are the huge moats of muck that now sit at many of the city's corners.  I nearly sunk into one up to my mid-calf on the way home last night, and even my toasty snow boots are no match for a slushy muck puddle.  Watch out for the muck today!

PS -- I stole this picture from my friend Rob.  Thanks, Rob!

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