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I love the first daffodils of the season, although given all the snow on the ground this morning, I'm not so sure that Spring is any closer . . .

Back to the 80's

What a fun weekend!  Got to spend time with college friends catching up, and topped off the weekend with the USBG/LUPEC NYC Winter Ball, which had an 80's prom theme.  I didn't dress prom-y, but did manage to wear a variation of something I might have worn in high school (well, if my dad had let me out of the house with that much eyeliner).  Enjoy the pictures here.

Go Team!

I'm always very proud of "my" attorneys for the great work they do on pro bono matters, but just wanted to point out their assistance to Haitian nationals in applying for Temporary Protected Status at Legal Aid and City Bar clinics.  Great job, guys!

Melty, Gooey Goodness

Last night I went to The JakeWalk to sample one of their cocktails for an upcoming Mix It Up column for Serious Eats.  Given the cold weather, we naturally had the fondue.  To be totally honest, part of the reason I invited friends to join me was so that I could order the fondue (and it was lovely to see you all, but THE FONDUE!!!  YUM!].  This morning I got word that JakeWalk offers several types of fondue in addition to the classic Alpine-style we got last night, one of which was this delicious-looking Blue Cheese fondue:

Blue Cheese Fondue recipe:

1 clove of garlic

3/4c White wine (recomend chenin blanc)

1 T flour

6 oz gruyere (grated)

6 oz Creamy Blue Cheese. (When we make this fondue we tend to use either Fourme which is a French Blue or Roaring 40s blue, which is a creamy blue from Tasmania.

Rub the side and bottom of pan with raw garlic clove. Set garlic aside or throw away. Add the wine to pan and heat just until slow simmer. Slowly whisk in flour. Wine will begin to thicken. Make sure to remove any lumps, if sifted slow enough you wont get lumps. Continue whisking while adding half of your cheese. As cheese incorporates itself into the wine slowly add the rest. Serve with fresh and dried fruit. Apples, pears, Dried Figs, apricots, and baguette.

Doesn't that sound tasty?  And, for the record, my favorite fondue to make at home is this Gruyere Fondue with Caramelized Shallots from epicurious.  Sounds like it's about time to have people over for fondue!

Love Notes


I once loaned a book to a special guy in my life and when it was returned to me, this was one of two notes stuck on a post-it on the inside cover.  Who knew post-its could be so romantic?  And one of my live-in boyfriends used to leave romantic notes on post-its stuck in cookbooks where he thought I'd stumble across them.  Anytime I do, they still give me a huge smile.  Don't underestimate the power of a well-placed post-it.  Happy V-Day.

Muckity Muck


So "the big blizzard" wasn't quite as crazy as everyone made it out to be.  I was at work for most of the day, and from my window the snow looked like it was going in every possible direction -- down, sideways, diagonally, up, and swirling around like a tornado at points.  Later last night the city looked peaceful in its blanket of white.  I love the snow, and the plows were out in full force (at least we know how to deal with snow here, as opposed to in DC, where I have friends going stir-crazy, trapped at home since Thursday) last night.  What I don't like as much, however, are the huge moats of muck that now sit at many of the city's corners.  I nearly sunk into one up to my mid-calf on the way home last night, and even my toasty snow boots are no match for a slushy muck puddle.  Watch out for the muck today!

PS -- I stole this picture from my friend Rob.  Thanks, Rob!

Weekend Wrapup


This one's a doozy, kids.  Before I even managed to start eating dinner on Friday night, I was struck with some sort of stomach bug/food poisoning thing, which basically did me in for the next 24 hours or so.  I won't go into the details -- it wasn't pretty, and I'll leave it at that.  I had all kinds of plans for the weekend which I sadly canceled, but after sleeping for about 11 hours on Saturday night, I actually woke up hungry on Sunday.  I made it through some tea and toast and graduated to chicken and rice soup later in the day. 

The good news about being trapped in the apartment all weekend was that by Sunday, when I was feeling better and had gotten plenty of sleep, I was up bright and early and tackled three loads of laundry along with year-end paperwork, filing, and the beginnings of tax prep.  I did manage to make it out of the apartment (for the first time since Friday night) for the Super Bowl, as @lushlifelindsey and @mysteryaction were kind enough to make a roast chicken among other dishes at their last-minute shindig.  Some plain roast chicken and a baguette washed down with plenty of water were sheer heaven.

Finally, I made a photo calendar for the remainder of the year, featuring the picture above, plus other favorites from 2009, which you can see here.

Previously on LOST


Have I mentioned lately how much I love LOST?  Not just love, but borderline-somewhat-crazy-love.  Like there are several episodes I have watched more than twice love.  Like I record the old episodes when they're on Saturday nights so I can watch them yet again love.  Like I watch old episodes on my iPod on the bike at the gym love. Like I blocked the season premiere date on my calendar months ahead of time love.  Like I've already watched the season premiere twice love.  Fine -- beyond borderline -- full-on crazy.  I don't think I've ever been like this with another TV show.  I blame Sco, who brought the pilot and first few episodes on DVD to OJ one year.  Damn you/thank you!

Loved this recap, btw.  Beware the spoilers.