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Older, and Hopefully Wiser

It was my birthday yesterday.  This is the first time I genuinely was not particularly looking forward to it, but that said, it turned out to be a chance to reflect and to be reminded of how amazing my life is and to treasure the people that are in it.  Now, granted, Facebook makes it very easy to wish people a happy birthday, but that doesn't make receiving the birthday greetings any less special.  Several of those who took the time to post a note on my wall or on Twitter were people I didn't even know a year ago -- this year I've met more people than any year in recent memory.  Others who reached out both there and by phone and email were people who have been in my life for a very long time.  I hope they will all be in my life for the rest of it.

A special thanks to Jenn D., Sara & Arlan, Lauren, Caroline, Kim & John for closing out the day with great company and Momofuku fried chicken.

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