One of Those Days
New Haircut

Children by the Millions Scream for Alex Chilton


All I knew about Alex Chilton was that lyric by the Replacements until about 2001, when my friend Christopher introduced me to Big Star.  We were dating at the time -- he living in DC and I in NYC -- so I listened to Big Star a lot during the time we weren't in the same city, mostly their first two albums.  We also went to see them in New Orleans when we were down there together for New Years.  Christopher now lives in London, but I texted him from the Big Star show last night letting him know I was there.  He responded back immediately -- not sure what he was doing up at that hour . . .

Thanks to Christopher for being in my life and introducing me to Big Star, and thanks to @livethelushlife, @mysteryaction, @winenshine and Ethan & co for being such good company.

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