Dear Internet
Cocktails Anyone?


I watched the first episode of Glee and absolutely adored it.  It was like some sort of mash-up flashback to my years of MTM (Musical Theatre Machine), college and law school a cappella groups, stage band, musicals, the Law Revue show, and ACMAP (a.k.a. band camp) all rolled into one, except with a much healthier dose of angst than anything I ever experienced in reality.  Or at least if there was angst, or if we were being called losers behind our backs in high school, I was too blissfully oblivious to notice.   I spent so much time in my high school auditorium that when they remodeled it, I took a piece of the stage home (I wasn't the only one, for the record).  It still sitting in a closet up in Maine to this day (I hope).  I look back at all of those experiences with sheer, well, glee, and find that singing and theatre is the one thing that I don't have time for anymore that I truly, truly miss with all of my heart.  Yes, I'm a dork, but proud of it as all hell.
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