Dear Internet

Dear Internet,

I'm hoping you can help me.  I did something stupid.  I was trying to be helpful -- really, I was.  We had a large group hoping to eat at Momofuku Ssam Bar this week so I jumped online and made a reservation for the bo ssam.  I was thrilled to see the green checkmarks and grabbed a 6:30 reservation for our group of 8.  Thrilled, that is, until much later last night (after the 24 hour cancellation cutoff) when I realized that I had made the reservation for Wednesday instead of Thursday, once again proving that three years of law school does not make you smart.

Can you help me find someone with a group of friends who wants to gorge on some pork-o-licious bo ssam TONIGHT at 6:30? If so, please email meWho can resist this? Thanks much.

Love, Laren

PS -- UPDATE: Am now just looking for dining companions -- keeping the reservation!  Let me know! xoxo

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