Time for a Drink
Color Burst


Over the course of this weekend, I have committed the following sins and/or engaged in the following sinful behaviors:

- I have openly mocked the gaudy McMansions we passed on our 50-mile bike ride.

- I ate all kinds of pork and shellfish, including oysters at the Stone Street Oyster Fest, Momofuku pork buns, and Flying Pigs Farm bacon (not in one sitting, however).

- Gluttony: late night snacks at Blue Ribbon, several cocktails at the LUPEC NYC Avon breast cancer walk fundraiser at Death & Co.

- Sloth: an entire portion of a day watching a Mad Men marathon.

- Denial: ate a Choinkwich from the Big Gay Ice Cream Truck on Yom Kippur.

And finally, atonement -- bought a new scale today.  Happy New Year, all!

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