Kismet Vacation
Words of Wisdom, Take 2

Saturday's Adventure

The pothole

Lauren, Frank and I went off on another one of our adventures on Saturday when we took this rather circuitous bike route to City Island. We had a somewhat auspicious start, arriving on the West Side bike path just as the entire rescue forces of Manhattan had arrived to respond to the midair collision that had occurred moments before. Continuing up the path we witnessed a bike crash right in front of us. Next, Frank was nearly felled by an errant softball, and, for the coup de grace, I had my very first bike accident. First of all, I'm fine. There was no traffic involved. I was felled by this evil pothole (it's hard to tell quite how big it was -- not sure how I missed it), and have some road rash on my left side and some very colorful bruises. After being tended to and cleaned off, I continued the rest of the ride, and we enjoyed heaping plates of seafood at Johnny's Reef, which tasted all the better for the 30 miles we had traveled to get it. You can find the pictures here.

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