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Raising the Bar

Inspired by my recent cocktail class, I set out this weekend on a shopping excursion to pick up some components to improve my home bar.  Nothing major, just a few essentials -- bitters, a bar spoon, some more glasses, and a key bottle or two.  Everything got a good workout in honor of the Mad Men premier last night, where @cocktailspirit and @halw shook up some classic cocktails for the rest of us to enjoy.  One such treat was the Park Avenue Cocktail (courtesy of John the Bastard):

The Park Avenue Cocktail

2  oz gin
¾  oz pineapple juice
¾  oz sweet vermouth
 oz Grand Marnier (or orange curaçao)

Shake and strain.

The one more piece of equipment I need to improve my home bar (and the rest of the home) is an air conditioner that cools more than my bedroom.

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