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The Loss of a Neighbor


(one last Mission Bell for the road)

Before you start to panic, nobody died or anything.  That said, my neighborhood did suffer a great loss last week.  Elettaria opened about a year and a half ago, a rather upscale restaurant for a block filled primarily with shoe stores and rapidly changing storefronts on 8th Street between 5th and 6th Avenues.  It turned out to be one of my favorite places, with tasty and inventive food, a welcoming atmosphere, friendly staff, and excellent cocktails.  I took my family there, I'd stop in for their fantastic happy hour, enjoyed their brief-lived brunch, and even organized a tweetup there on their tiki night.  Then suddenly, just as I was about to write a column about them for Serious Eats, they announced that they would be closing. I wish everyone who worked there the best of luck in whatever comes next for them, and thank them all for creating such a wonderful place.  It will be missed.

I am a Junkie

My internet was down for less than 24 hours and I was having the twitchy fits.  Apparently I have a problem.  Seems to be back up for the time being.  I don't mind being offline when I plan to be -- it's just when I don't plan it and I am cut off suddenly that I start jonesing.  I could have worse addictions, I suppose.

Deep Dark Secret of the Day

When people put their stuff in a locker at the gym without putting a lock on it, I secretly want to either steal something from them or throw their crap all over the floor, just to teach them a lesson.  I can't even express the willpower it takes to stop myself from doing this.  Does this make me evil?

The Things I Haul

In today's haul:

- gym clothes, makeup

- shakerato in travel mug

- blackberry, cell phone, camera, mini tripod

- wallet, moleskine, business cards

- egg whites w/cremini mushrooms and extra sharp cheddar and a squirt of sriracha for breakfast

- mixed green salad for lunch

- copy of Liz Thorpe's The Cheese Chronicles, for a future Serious Eats column

- This week's New Yorker

This is why I have a permanent knot in my right shoulder.

Writing on the Wall

Or, more accurately, writing on paper.  I realized this morning that in this day and age, you can date someone for a decent amount of time and never (or at least rarely) really have the opportunity to see their handwriting.  When so much correspondence is done via email, the art of the handwritten note gets lost, and the personality of a person's handwriting doesn't have the chance to shine through. 

I love handwritten notes, and keep those that are meaningful to me -- there are certain people in my life whose handwriting I could identify in an instant. Sadly, my handwriting has deteriorated so much over the past decade or so that it is practically illegible.  My apologies in advance to anyone who is fortunate or unfortunate enough to have to decipher it.

Mix Tapes

Last night I was at a bar on 10th Street called Black and White.  It's nothing special -- a dark, loud, dive-y bar between 3rd and 4th Aves, a little too loud for my taste.  When I walked in, I thought that I had probably raised the average age of the place quite a bit, but at least they were playing the Clash -- Police and Thieves.  Turns out there was a DJ, playing some fantastic 80's music.  It literally sounded to me like she had taken my personal box of mix tapes -- the ones that I had taped off of the radio on WLIR back in the day -- and put them on her iPod: New Order, Joy Division, Tones on Tail, the Cure, Depeche Mode, and more.  If she had played it at a volume that had actually allowed me to hear my friends, I would have stayed all night.

All in the Family

I've been considering upgrading my phone.  Not because it doesn't work, and not because I don't love the artichoke picture I have on it (ordered it in lieu of an upgrade a while back), but because I seem to be texting more and more and the T9 text entry drives me nuts.  I would love something with a QWERTY keyboard.  And no, I don't want an iPhone at the moment.  So, I went into the Verizon store and asked questions about various models, but alas, one of the issues with upgrading is that I am on one of their "Family Plans."  Now this is fantastic, mind you, as it keeps my phone bill quite low (thanks, family!), but at the same time, I have learned that if I want to change to a plan with any sort of "data" use (which I'd have to do, I think, if I upgraded my phone), we have to switch our whole plan, at a potential cost increase to everyone.  I'm still collecting all the details, but I don't think it's worth it at the moment. I'd rather stick with the family and continue to send stunted, misspelled texts, at least for now.  Anyone have recs for Verizon QWERTY phones in case I decide to switch soon?