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So last Friday, as I was slowly winding down my week at the beach, I received a few emails/calls from concerned friends to the effect of -- have you heard that your building might be collapsing?  Needless to say, this was somewhat disconcerting, to say the least, especially now that I am a homeowner.  That said, when a friend asked if she could do anything or go to my apartment and get anything out, it really gave me pause.  I had my computer with me, containing about 4 years worth of pictures.  I was thinking that maybe she should grab the rest of my pictures and my old external hard drive (more pictures), perhaps my jewelry box, although I don't have much that is particularly valuable, perhaps my passport and Social Security card (both replaceable), but there really wasn't much else that came to mind. 

Ultimately, despite scary news reports to the contrary, nothing fell, nothing collapsed. The bricks that were bulging are being fixed and there's now scaffolding around the building.  Whew.

What would you rescue if you knew your building was about to collapse?  Thanks again to those who were thinking of me!

*A nod to Ray Davies and the Kinks

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