What is an Athlete?
Breaking Rules


I'm still pretty anxious about the tri.  That said, I feel somewhat more prepared this year than last, which I'm hoping will mean I'll beat my previous time.  I have done two full mile swims in the pool, which takes me about 43 minutes -- in contrast, that same mile took me 24 minutes in the Hudson.  Thanks, current!  I have run the actual run course, or parts of it, many times now -- I know the landmarks in the park, where the hills are, and how far I really have left to go at any given time.  This week is all about tapering -- small workouts, hydration, and plenty of rest.  Today I'm opting for rest, weights tomorrow, a light bike or run on Thurs, and a light swim on Friday.  That's it.  But I'm feeling well-prepared.  Even so, feel free to send a little extra luck my way!

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