Random Thoughts for Today
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Even More Thoughts

- Yes, I do most of my shopping at the farmers market, try not to eat processed food, and all that, but sometimes every once in a blue moon, a woman needs some Cheetos, especially on a crappy, rainy day like yesterday.
- What do you do when you're so environmentally conscious that you always have your own bag, which leaves you to have no suitable garbage bags for your kitchen?
- How is it easier to pack for next week's trip than for tomorrow's trip?
- I go through more gym clothes in a week than should be humanly possible -- I likely own more sports bras than shoes at this point.
- A dinner composed of leftovers, a salad, a good friend, and a modestly priced bottle of wine can be just as good, if not better, then dinner out.

Have a great weekend, kids, I'm off to the beach.  Yes, I know the weather report.

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