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A Tasty Day


At Brooklyn Flea: Pupusa, Pizza Moto, Saxelby Cheesemongers' grilled cheese w/McClure's Pickles, crostini w/Salvatore Bklyn ricotta, arugula and prosciutto
At Habana Outpost: frozen margarita
At Bonita: guac and chips, Pacifico, fish tacos
Iced tea on the best roof deck in Clinton Hill.
A picture-perfect Brooklyn day (and yes, I shared all that food, but no need for dinner tonight). 

Quote of the Day

"The two important things I learned were that you are as powerful and strong as you allow yourself to be, and that the most difficult part of any endeavor is taking the first step, making the first decision."  - Robyn Davidson, who traveled alone by camel across the Australian Outback.

This quote was stuck on my front door for years since I saw it, but now it lives on the bulletin board above my computer so that I see it every day.  I share it with you in the hope that you can gain some inspiration from it as well.

GChat Giggle

Sent to me over GChat (possibly by accident, as it was from someone I've never chatted with before):  "Hot Blogger" is such an oxymoron.

I chose not to take it personally.

Lyrical Gangsta

Have been enjoying music on the way to work these days, and finding peace, solace and strength in so many of the lyrics I've been listening to -- Jill Sobule, The Pretenders, Joe Jackson, Cyndi Lauper (yes, I have an 80's problem, I know, I know) and hell, even REO Speedwagon (a.k.a. cheez whiz).  It's not necessarily the core message in the song -- perhaps a snippet here or there that hits a particular thought or emotion in a given moment (I mean really, how deep can REO Speedwagon get?!).  Sometimes it's even just the little bit of happiness that comes from singing along to old favorites, like Elvis Costello (and hearing a lyric or two to identify with in there), getting a giggle from the Knack, or remembering all the times I rocked out to Chucklehead (and still not being able to hold still when I hear it).  Whatever the lyrics, I'm glad to be singing along, if only in my head -- and because I'm the a cappella dork I am, it's usually the harmony rather than the melody.

A Taste of the Weekend

Spud, our table's mascot at the crawfish boil.

The sun beginning to set on the ferry home from Kismet. 

There was also some great company and conversation, a 19.75 mile bike ride, and the healing powers of all of the following:  friends, laughter, the rays of the sun, the sound of the ocean, and the feeling of sand between my toes. More pictures to follow. UPDATE:  Crawfish pics.

Ta DA!

What you see here is not just my relatively new dining table, which is great in and of itself, but the mirror that I got as a hand-me-down from my hairdresser.  I sanded it, painted it a soft metallic-y brown (thanks for the idea, Carrie) and hung it -- all by myself.  The idea is that it will reflect the little light that comes into my apartment from the windows in the bedroom.  Plus, it looks pretty cool, if I don't say so myself!

Lazy Long Weekend

I've very deliberately left myself a lot of unscheduled free time this weekend -- all the better to see what comes up.  Last night was much-needed nachos, margaritas and conversation with Jenn D. and Carrie (with a cameo appearance by Carolyn), and today so far I've been to the Greenmarket and Trader Joe's (which was mercifully empty).  Next -- perhaps a little lounging in my "backyard," which is open again, and definitely a bike ride later this afternoon.  We'll see what else the day brings. 

Tomorrow's grand plan is likely more biking, or a run if my foot feels better, followed by a crawfish boil in the late afternoon.  Monday is another unplanned day.  Time to breathe, relax, and possibly nap.  If the weather's nice on Monday, perhaps a day trip to the beach?

Battered, Broken

Yesterday morning on my way to work I heard the Jude song Battered, Broken, which was then stuck in my head all day.  I've been feeling pretty battered and broken lately -- for the moment, I'll focus on the physical.  I recently bought a new pair of running shoes.  For years, I've gotten whatever the New Balance stability shoe is -- I think I started with the 856 for a few years, then on to the 857.  The 857 is now obsolete and somewhat challenging to find in my size.  As a result, I bought the "upgrade" replacement shoe, the 859 (I somehow missed the 858 altogether).  On my first run, they were a tad uncomfortable, but all new shoes take a few runs to break in.  I then proceeded to go a bit crazy with the running, and ran three days in a row this week, including one day that I had already taken a spin class at lunchtime.  By the last run, on Tuesday night, it felt like I had a rock under my left arch with each step.  Wednesday, my arch and my knees were a disaster.  Of course I had a session with my trainer on Wednesday, and after notifying him of my physical ailments, he proceeded to focus on arms, chest, shoulders, back, and abs.  Yesterday, my left arch was still killing me and my entire upper body was sore.  My knees were a tad better, except when going down stairs.  Thursday was a rest day.  And I'm returning those devil shoes.