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Weekend Roundup

Pizza, wine and laughs, biking on the West Side bike path, still taunted by the puppy, Num Pang deliciousness, Whisk & Ladle, quality couch time, slow cooker prep, new cell phone ring, lazy lazy Sunday, possible trip/escape planning.

And clearly not feeling much like blogging.  Sorry.

It Was Bound to Happen

since I made it through most of the winter with no major ailments -- I've got a touch of the plague.  Blech.  I'm armed with the proper supplies and leftover soba in broth from Soba-ya, so I should be set.


Can't I work from my bed today?  Please?  I'm so warm and comfy and it sounds very windy outside.  Oh, and please bring me breakfast in bed.  I like one sugar in my coffee (although skim lattes are even better). Thank you.

Spring Ahead

Last Wednesday, I took a train down to DC with my big, puffy down coat.  By Saturday, when I left, it was close to 70 degrees, and I had to lug that big, puffy down coat with me.  The warmth felt magnificent and made me realize how much I've been yearning for spring -- for outdoor runs and bike rides, long walks, lighter evenings, and more energy.  The daffodils have started to appear, which is always a good sign, but spring can't come soon enough for me.

Looking Back

Over the weekend I did some looking back at the archives of my blog.  I've been blogging regularly since 2003, and I have to say that it's fascinating (at least to me) to have an electronic record of that time.  Granted, it's only a limited sliver of my life, but it really does bring back all kinds of memories.  I'm sort of a fan of my very first post, back in 2002:  "So here goes -- it's the first posting on my new weblog. Tune in and see what happens . . ."