A New Beginning
My Exciting Life

Random Weekend Thoughts

  • My abs hurt so much from Friday's training session that it hurts to twist to either side.  Also hurts to sneeze.
  • Being around a dozen children is exhausting.
  • I'm still pretty convinced that I don't want to live in the suburbs.
  • When a child laughs at something you do, it makes you laugh too.
  • I'd like to make meusli to take to work for breakfast.
  • I wish my apartment had more light.  Since I can't install windows, will just have to buy lots of lamps.
  • Sleeping is a good thing.
  • My forks have seemed to slowly disappear over the years.  Where are they?
  • I am now officially in love with my slow cooker thanks to this short rib recipe.  Thanks, Bill!
  • I need to start buying smoked mozzarella from Alleva every now and then.  It's sooo good.

That is all.

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