A New Beginning

Radio Silence

Sorry about the radio silence, gang.  Somehow between little blips on Facebook and Twitter I think I've been posting here less.  Let's see, what's new with me?  If you've been following me at either one of those places, you may know that my brother bought me a slow cooker for Chanukah/Bday and I've been seriously debating the pros/cons vs. a traditional Dutch oven.  I've decided to take the plunge and keep it.  Certainly on a day like today, it would be amazing to come home to some slow-cooked short ribs that have been cooked to maximum tenderness and are ready when I walk in the door.  [Note:  it would be also be nice to come home to a meal that someone else has cooked for me; until that day, the slow cooker will be playing stand-in]. Other than that, have gotten some estimates for re-doing two of my closets (another lovely Chanukah/Bday gift, this time from Mom & Stephen) and am planning the dinner portion of a bachelorette shindig for this Saturday night.  And finally, am eagerly counting down the days until we have a sane person in the White House again!!

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