Let the Nerves Begin

The Final Countdown

Just a little snapshot of the Hudson that I took on a walk yesterday.  Yes, I'll be swimming in it on Sunday.  This weekend was primarily devoted to some serious tri training, since my race is less than a week away (ack!).  I stayed in on Friday night and cooked myself a lovely dinner of soft-shell crab with a side of pumpkin ravioli with sage and then had a hot date with Viggo Mortensen (I watched Eastern Promises).  Got up early Saturday to pound out 25 miles before a family luncheon, then headed home for a nap before Carrie's bday festivities.  Sunday I ran the Central Park loop (thanks Eric and Ammar for keeping my slow pace) before beginning the rest of the day.  The cap off to the weekend was seeing the Alarm, the Fixx and the English Beat at Irving Plaza, where the air conditioning was non-functional.  I stood on my weary legs for about four hours and got covered in sweat, but had a fantastic time.  The Alarm absolutely rocked, and stuck to a 2 new songs/1 old pattern, which kept their set moving along.  I had forgotten how many songs I actually new:  Absolute Reality, 68 Guns, the Stand, Spirit of 76.  Although the Fixx was my least favorite of the evening, they had the surprise "where was that stuck in my brain" song of the night -- Secret Separation.  The English Beat didn't necessarily have the same energy they did back in the day, but they were a blast to dance to.  I'm still absolutely shocked at how much of my brain space is filled with 80's song lyrics.  Thanks so much to Karen for keeping me company for my trip back to the 80's!
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