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Weekend Wrapup


It was a serious food weekend, although I did sneak in some tri training as well. After the Mets/Yankees game on Friday night, complete with a stop at Mama's, I woke up on Saturday to do what turned out to be a 20+ mile bike jaunt through Brooklyn. Took the best shower ever, followed by a power nap, then on to the UnFancy Food Show BBQ for some serious pulled pork sandwiches, not to mention the best ice cream sandwich I have ever had. On Sunday I ran in the ridiculous heat for about 4 miles, then headed over to the New Amsterdam Public Market to check out the vendors. After that it was out to Brooklyn again for the UnFancy Food Show. Topped off the weekend with the piece de resistance -- a Pizza Speakeasy. Nine seriously amazing pies with wine pairings courtesy of Mark at Pizza a Casa, topped off with fantastic company. Can't wait for the next one!! And now, back to the yogurt and salad.

Post on Gothamist and all photos on Flickr.

Woes of a Triathlete

A fellow triathlete was lamenting that her training schedule was having some negative impacts in her life.  Her exact quote: "training for this thing has been a major pain in the dating ass!"  Not to mention sometimes a literal pain in the ass.  Unless you're me and haven't really been on your bike enough.

Au Revoir Florent

It is seriously shameful that Florent is closing.  Last night (admittedly only my second visit there -- my first one being a proper 2 a.m. post-party adventure) I saw more than one patron hugging the staff, overtly emotional about "the end."  A work friend of mine told me about a friend of his who is a manager there who has been working there on and off since high school.  "It's like a family there," he explained.  Destruction of all that due to the landlord's greed is appalling and reminds me why I generally avoid the Meatpacking district.  Many thanks to Emilia for organizing.

Crème de la Crème

P1020677 P1020686
Just a few shots from last night's Crème de la Crème that likely won't make it to Gothamist.  The first is me with Chef Tom Colicchio, the next is me with Daniel Boulud, David Bouley, and Hubert Keller.  Now I just need to go to their various restaurants and I'll be all set.

Three Day Weekend


Just got back into town from a long weekend at the beach.  Today was not the best beach day, but I took advantage of the relative coolness to go on a long run.  In fact, I'm pretty sure it's the longest I've ever run -- over 6 miles.  Now I've just got to do that after a mile swim and a 25 mile bike.  No problem.  Gulp.

Pictures from the weekend are here -- an extra special thanks to Roopa, who FINALLY made it out to the beach!!!  Also many thanks to Sarah and Milda for a delicious dinner on Saturday night (not to mention the breakfast leftovers the next morning), and to Matt & Rachel for saving us some breakfast while we were out running.

Also -- bonus pics from Bloggers and Beer -- the beer pairing event I did last week.  Thanks to Stephanie, Milda, Chip, Adam, Michael, Joe, and Deb for stopping by!

Asses on Bikes

That's what we used to say to our AIDS ride training ride group after we'd been sitting around on a break for too long:  "c'mon people, it's time to get asses on bikes!"  I was a training ride leader back in the day (not in the front -- I'm not that fast.  I was the sweep, the kind encouraging one in the back of the line making sure people didn't get lost, cheering them up hills and changing all the flat tires).  I finally got my ass on my bike this morning before work -- it's about time given that my triathlon is on July 20th!  So far all of my bike training has been indoors.  Not good.  I also ran into Caleb biking his way to work -- was good to catch up if only for a few minutes!

On an unrelated note, I had a weird moment in the shower this morning when I realized that the bottle of stuff I have been using for the past month or so was actually shampoo, not body wash.  I got it at Trader Joe's and must have picked up the wrong bottle by mistake -- they look exactly alike (except, of course, that one says "shampoo").

In the Fog

My dad left me a message the other night in response to my two most recent posts.  First, he was concerned about my cholesterol levels due to the chocolate covered bacon.  My cholesterol is actually quite good (or so says my doctor).  He also made the suggestion that in order to avoid the escalator frustration, I leave for work an hour earlier and walk to work. Now, this might be a good idea for someone else.  For me, not so much.  I am not good in the morning.  Anyone who has interacted with me before coffee can testify to this fact. 

On Friday, after a decent night's sleep, mind you, I left work about 50 minutes before I normally do, as I had organized a training that started at 9:30 and wanted to make sure it was all set to go.  I walked to the subway,  looked at the front of the subway that was sitting in the station as I got to the platform, and jumped on.  I stuck my nose in my New Yorker, and the next thing I knew, the train I thought was an E was at 72nd Street.  After finally turning around and making to the proper stop, it had taken me 50 minutes to get to work.  I headed to the elevator to go up to the training and wound up in the lobby.  Seriously -- not a morning person.

I caught up on some sleep this weekend and even made it out to the Big Apple BBQ Block Party yesterday.  I went for a run this morning before the worst of the heat, but it was still pretty brutal.  In a bit I'll be off to the James Beard Awards, which is a black tie affair -- thankfully I found a black cocktail dress in the back of the closet that can pass as black tie to substitute for the floor length gown I had originally planned on wearing -- no way in this heat!