Weekend Wrapup
C is for Cookie

Positive Reinforcement

It's been a rough week on several fronts, but there have been some bright moments as well.  I've gone running a few times before work (not every day, but a few times), and I always get a cheery "I'm so proud of you, Laren!" from my doorman, Pat, before and after my runs.  I always thank him profusely, and it really does help in making me feel good about what I've accomplished.  First, merely hauling my ass out of bed to work out at that hour and second, actually running.  If (and I mean IF) I can handle it, I may start mixing up the runs with spin classes.  We will see.

And some of the most fun parts of the week are yet to come -- tonight, a Taste of the Lower East Side, tomorrow dinner with a high school friend I haven't seen in, oh about twenty years.  It'll be a blast.  Not to mention all the weekend has in store!

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