Setting the Mood


I am loving the fact that my Spring Cure progress is being tracked on Apartment Therapy, although I fear that heading out of town this weekend might make me fall behind.  That said, my huge cabinet, and hopefully the TV, will be gone by mid-next week, leaving me free to rearrange my living/dining furniture.  That will help me determine a great deal of what comes next.

I've also come to the sad conclusion that most of the furniture I own is absolute crap.  Well, maybe not crap, but some of the 10 year old Ikea stuff is starting to show its age.  As much as I'd like to run off and purchase a new dresser and nightstand, I am thinking that I should probably invest in something a bit more long lasting.  That means shopping more carefully and saving up enough cash to do it.  Both can be done, but it's certainly more daunting than the "carbohydrate" furniture I usually buy (read the Apartment Therapy book). 

Off to Maine for faux-Passover this weekend.  Have a good one, all!  And a shout-out to the ladies who'll be at First Saturday brunch -- I'll be with you in spirit.  No news to report.

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