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The Therapist is In

Last night in the blustery cold I was lucky enough to be sharing some wine and cheese with Carolyn, Vivian, and Katie when my phone rang.  It was Travis, my mortgage consultant at Citibank (we're still working on some details).  He sounded like hell -- like he had caught a dose of the plague I had recently, but he had lost his voice on top of it.  I told him so, and then he went on a tirade.  Apparently Travis lives with his girlfriend of four plus years and she nags him.  A lot.  He was sent out to shovel the driveway in the midst of a snowstorm, despite his arguments that it was just going to keep snowing and he'd have to do it again.  Lo and behold, Travis was quite right -- a blizzard dumped a foot of snow in his area.  The next morning, someone offered to snowblow his driveway for $20 (which seemed like a reasonable price to me, but then again, I haven't shoveled snow since 1994) and he took them up on it.  Said girlfriend then proceeded to get upset with him for paying the money to have someone do it for him.  "Travis," I said, "sounds like you need to do some thinking about this relationship."  We then proceeded to chat about how she nagged him about cleaning, etc., and I mentioned that I will never cohabitate with anyone again unless we hire someone to clean -- I firmly believe that it is money well spent to prevent a great deal of aggravation.  He seemed to like that idea.  Whether or not he remains with his girlfriend is yet to be seen.  If anyone does listen to our call (as they may be recorded for quality assurance purposes), they'll probably get a kick out of it.  Not sure why he felt like sharing all that with me, but I'm going to take it as a compliment.

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