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Resolutions, or Lack Thereof

I must say, I was incredibly impressed with both Derek's resolutions and with his promise to update his readers regularly on his progress.  I still am not sure about my resolutions this year, although there's one from last year that needs to be on the list again.  At John's suggestion, I had resolved to spend two nights a week at home.  I have failed miserably on this front.  Now that I'm buying my place, my monthly housing expenses are actually going to go up -- I am already making changes in my spending habits to prepare.  I haven't bought any clothes, I have been bringing my lunch and/or breakfast to work almost every day, and am eating out less (believe it or not).  Also a while back (and somewhat more related to Apartment Therapy than anything else), I decided to start entertaining more.  Very low key -- brunches, Sunday dinners, and have been doing that as well, although not as often as I'd like.  So -- inspired by Derek, I'm going to think a bit more about my resolutions and post them here.  Any suggestions (the NYC triathlon is already on the list)?

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