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In the Blink of an Eye

Another year has gone by.  Today's my birthday -- I can hardly believe it!  I know it's been dreadfully quiet around here lately, and I apologize.  I was sick as a dog and trying desperately to work through it since I have this week off.  At the same time I've been running around trying to finalize everything for the closing on my apartment, which (fingers crossed) is happening tomorrow morning.  I've been laying pretty low, watching home decorating shows, and movies, but I've been slowly coming out of it.  I managed to do the "traditional" Jewish Christmas eve -- a movie and Chinese food -- and then celebrate Christmas with a run, a delicious dinner at Katie and Jeff's, topped off with karaoke courtesy of GirlyNYC.  Today I am relaxing, perhaps getting a mani/pedi, getting a few certified checks, and possibly even hitting the schvitz before this evening's birthday festivities.  And I promise to write more now that I'm back in the land of the living!

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