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To Market, To Market

I came across this article yesterday about markets as travel destinations, which mentioned several markets I have visited during the course of my travels, including Barcelona's Boqueria (from which I have a picture above my stove) and London's Borough Market.  After what happened surrounding my most recent visit to Borough Market, not only did I feel strangely vindicated, but I had to fight off the urge to send the article to my ex (I didn't send it).

Off to Maine via Boston after work today -- have a safe and wonderful Thanksgiving, all!

Round Two

Went to six more open houses/apartment viewings yesterday.  At least this time I saw two apartments that I would at least consider living in, although each had a flaw or two.  One was a very nice, gut renovated apartment with a private deck, but it was on the ground floor, which doesn't sit very well with me from a security standpoint.  The other was in great shape, but had zero character -- if I'm going to move to Brooklyn, I think I'd be looking for a little of that brownstone feel.  I also saw another apartment in my neighborhood which was almost laughable at how small it is.  I think that if I stay in the 'hood, my current place is the way to go.

The Polls Are Open

Well, as it looks like there may not be another Jackass of the Year contest this year (remember, this may be bad for you, but it's actually good for me), I'm asking your opinion on the apartment situation.  Of course, I'm digging deep to figure out what the answer is for me as well, but I'm curious as to what my readers think.


Movin' on Out?
Should I stay in my 'hood or move to the wilds of Brooklyn?
You love Greenwich Village -- why would you leave?
Change is good -- head to Brooklyn!  Plus, there's more space out there.


For whatever reason I'm having another one of those periods when I have waaay too much going on.  Thankfully, some free time opened up tonight.  Combine that with a free yoga class at work and I am hoping that I'll end up with a very relaxing evening, which is exactly what I need.

I'm looking at two apartments in the 'hood at lunchtime today; major open-housing is in the works for Sunday.  As of now, I have plans to head up to Arthur Avenue on Saturday morning, so there will be plenty of Italian deliciousness in the forecast as well . . .

Round One

Went to four open houses this weekend -- one in my neighborhood and three in Park Slope.  It is somewhat appalling what a tiny amount of space seems to be the norm for my price range.  One apartment had an amazing roof deck that completely dwarfed the apartment itself.  The nicest apartment of the day was small as well, but in excellent shape.  After leaving I called to confirm the one oddity that I noticed -- there was only one closet in the whole place.  The largest apartment I saw was in such disrepair that I would have had to spend plenty just to get it liveable, not to mention that the entire building seemed a little crooked, like it was leaning downhill on one side.  By the time I got home, my apartment felt absolutely palatial.  I'll be packing in the apartment-viewing over the weeks to come.

When It's Time to Change

Well, not sure it's time to change quite yet, but we shall soon see.  After 7 years of living in my current apartment as a renter, I have just received the news that the building management company wants to sell the unit.  This could mean one of several things.  First, that I buy it from them, second, that I buy something else in the neighborhood (where I have lived for 13 years), or finally, that I buy something in another neighborhood (most likely Brooklyn).  I'm in the process of assessing my finances and getting a sense of the real estate market, but this whole thing is freaking me out quite a bit.  On one hand, the concept of moving to Brooklyn is overwhelming, not to mention buying an apartment here, there or anywhere (when did I become a grownup?!?).  On the other hand, change might be exactly what I need to shake things up a bit

That said, the Apartment Therapy project is somewhat on hold for now, with the exception of continuing to clean out my crap, buying myself flowers, and entertaining people now and again. 

The other major change that I'm not sure I'm ready for?  Giving up my fantabulous home phone number (which I'm not sharing here, but it is very catchy).  I don't think they'll let me take it to Brooklyn.  Will keep you all posted . . .