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Practical, or Reliving My Youth?


Since college, which was about a hundred years ago, I have always had a bottle opener on my keychain.   Now, in college and shortly thereafter, this made a great deal of sense.  As I've gotten older, I never really questioned having it there, although people often made fun of me.  "What are you - still in college?"  Oh, they may mock me, but they always like to use it.  I went to a picnic one day and, of course, people were looking for a bottle opener.  My keys were passed around until I had to leave.  Since some of my friends were staying, they asked if I could leave my bottle opener.  "Sure," I replied, "just remember to take it with you when you leave."  As you might guess, I never saw that bottle opener again.  I proceeded to bug them about it, and one of them offered to get me a replacement -- a Kismet bottle opener from Fire Island.  But -- summer came and went, and no bottle opener.  And then, last week, Frank produced this little gem, swiped from the boat that circles the Statue of Liberty on a recent booze cruise.  Last night, I was at a rooftop party, and once again, my bottle opener was quite a hit.  Thanks again, Frank!

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