Words of Wisdom
Fall is in the Air


I came home last night after a loooong day (training, meetings, no breakfast, conference call, two events) to find several packages waiting for me.  One was a promotional poster for Alice Waters' new book, The Art of Simple Food (interesting timing, as Alice was mentioned quite a bit at last night's Julia lecture).  Not only is the poster emblazoned with directives that speak to the way I try to eat and cook generally, like "shop at farmers' markets," "Eal locally and sustainably," "Cook together," and, my favorite, "Eat together," but it matches my new decorating scheme.  Between that, a large sized print of a picture of the Little Red Lighthouse that I took, and a print of another picture of an old bicycle from the beach house, I seem to be amassing a collection of art that highlights the colors I'm looking for.

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