Baby Steps
Words of Wisdom


Sometimes I am SUCH a girl.  I came home last night and saw an enormous bug on the back edge of my couch.  I shrieked, ran for the Raid, and shoved the couch away from the wall.  I took off my shoe and swatted the thing onto the floor, shrieked yet again then chased it around the living room until I cornered it.  Then I Raid-ed the crap out of it until it stopped moving, at which point I grabbed a wad of paper towels and flushed it.  I then ran out of the apartment straight to the 24 hour drug store to get new roach baits.  This seems to happen about once a year or so.  I guess the bright side is that I always know when it's time to get new roach baits -- perhaps putting it on my calendar would be a better way to go.

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