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Weekend Wrapup


I'm getting quite the collection of bridge pictures from my bike rides.  Unfortunately, this bike ride was cut short due to rain on Saturday, but Lauren, Tara, Neil and I still managed to make the most of it.  My bike is now taking a brief vacation across the river in Williamsburg until I can grab it next weekend (thanks, Lauren!).  Saturday night I went to my first show at McCarren Pool -- quite a cool music venue -- to see the Chemical Brothers.  Definitely more on the electronic side than I'm used to but I really enjoyed the show overall.  I took some video of the crazy light/visual stuff that was going on -- have to figure out how to post it.  Still recovering from my brief bout with the plague -- feeling much better but have a bit of a cough still.  Due to sickness and general business, I am woefully behind on my Apartment Therapy, but still managed to have a few folks over for dinner on Sunday night (which is going to be a habit, hopefully), buy some flowers, clean out the kitchen "junk" drawer, get rid of a few books, and purge both the clothes on the rods in my closet and some of the shoes.  I'll pick a date for my "housewarming" as well -- at this rate it will likely be an early holiday party of some sort.  Have a busy week ahead . . .

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