My Idiot College Friends


Recently I spent a good chunk of the day with a friend and his buddies from college.  First we went out for a few drinks, then met up with them later along with another slew of his college friends.  As I listened to them joke around and watched them interact, at some point I commented that it was fun to see him hanging around with his idiot college friends.  He might have been taken aback for a second or two, but he then realized that I meant this with nothing but kindness.  As I explained to him -- when I hang out with my college friends, I am super-comfortable, and we often act like a bunch of idiots (much like we did in college, or every year at OJ).  Regardless of how it came out, it was a compliment -- to him, to his friends, and to my idiot college friends.  I got to spend the weekend with them, re-living many an a cappella road trip, driving a van up to Natick, Massachusetts for Chris and Courtney's wedding, which was great fun.  Congratulations again to the fantabulous couple!  Pictures from the weekend are here.

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