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Quite Early Morning

My sleep patterns are a little erratic at the moment, likely due to a week of vacation (including one sunrise and several naps) and the stress of returning both to work and panic about my triathlon training.  Yesterday, when I woke up at 5:30, I uploaded my pictures and then fell back asleep for a bit.  This morning, I woke up at about 6:30, so I saddled up and did a quick 9 mile bike ride on the Hudson River path.  It was very peaceful at that hour, serene and beautiful, and the light is quite different from the evening when I'm often out there.  It's a lovely way to start the day, although I fear that I'll crash later on, which sometimes happens when I exercise before work.  Perhaps I'll go for the XL iced coffee this morning.

The Trail of Tears


Slowly easing back into reality after a week's vacation at the beach.  Highlights included several outrageously delicious meals (grass-fed beef steaks, grilled veggies, gumbo, steak tartare, paella, shrimp tacos . . .), a handful of solid runs, some major beach naps, dogs in costumes (not sure I'll be living that one down for a while) and a rotating cast of characters throughout the week with whom to enjoy it all.  Other "highlights" include getting hot tub hickeys (not as exciting as they sound) and walking slogging to the Sunken Forest only to arrive just in time for mosquito feeding hour.  What started out as a pleasant adventure turned into a 5 hour expedition -- by the time we arrived, we were in such a rush to get through it, both to make it back to civilization before the sun went down and because we were quickly turning into a mosquito buffet.  I didn't even bother to slow down to take real pictures, as illustrated above.  A special shout out to those who had martinis and dinner waiting for us when we got home.  Another goes to Beth, who finally made it out to the beach after all these years, to Sara and Arlan, for making the most out of their day trip, despite the weather, to Jenn D., Emilia, Lauren and Frank, for being there to keep me company during my midweek stint, to John B., of course, and to everyone who helped me with my true Spanish-style dinner on Saturday night (we finally sat down for the main course at 11:00).  And, as always, to everyone who made me laugh until my abs were sore.  The pictures from the week (not that many, considering how long I was there) are here.

Pictures Galore


Even more pictures -- this time from a fantastic bike ride with Lauren, Frank, and Annie.  We started in Williamsburg and headed to Astoria, then we returned to Manhattan via Randall's Island -- one of my favorite rides this summer.

You Should've Been in Pictures


I took about eighty billion pictures this weekend for some reason -- here's the first batch, from the roof garden at the Met.  If I were particularly motivated, I would have messed around with them in Photoshop, but I'm not -- I'm on vacation!  Heading to the beach for a week after a bunch of errands today.  More pictures later. 

Long Lost Cousins?


Only because somebody made me do it.  I'm not naming names or anything, but TGIF.  See, I'm willing to humiliate myself on the damn internets for the amusement of my blog readers.  Seriously -- someone owes me a cocktail for this one.  Photo courtesy of Doug.



The weather reports are calling for thunderstorms for the next three days -- looks like my red galoshes are going to get put to good use.

My Idiot College Friends


Recently I spent a good chunk of the day with a friend and his buddies from college.  First we went out for a few drinks, then met up with them later along with another slew of his college friends.  As I listened to them joke around and watched them interact, at some point I commented that it was fun to see him hanging around with his idiot college friends.  He might have been taken aback for a second or two, but he then realized that I meant this with nothing but kindness.  As I explained to him -- when I hang out with my college friends, I am super-comfortable, and we often act like a bunch of idiots (much like we did in college, or every year at OJ).  Regardless of how it came out, it was a compliment -- to him, to his friends, and to my idiot college friends.  I got to spend the weekend with them, re-living many an a cappella road trip, driving a van up to Natick, Massachusetts for Chris and Courtney's wedding, which was great fun.  Congratulations again to the fantabulous couple!  Pictures from the weekend are here.


The people have spoken and I have swapped photos accordingly (see left).  Thanks for all the input!  Am off to the wilds of Massachusetts for a wedding this weekend, but am (for some odd reason) taking a detour to Pelham on the way -- as long as there's Four Corners Pizza involved, I'll be a happy girl.  PS -- went swimming last night after work and made it for over 20 minutes with no rest.  Looks like I might make it through this triathlon after all!