Faux Fourth
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For Real Fourth


Given the somewhat gloomy weather, I managed to have a very good Fourth of July.  Started out with brunch and a bike ride with Lauren and Frank -- we started at my place and biked up to the GWB (as you can see here), and managed to stay relatively dry in the process.  After a pit stop to have my requisite hot dog of the day, I went home to scrub off the bike grease (I had gotten a flat early on in the ride). 

I was lucky enough to have been invited to a rooftop party to view the fireworks, although given the rain, we did most of our viewing from inside.  The view was pretty damn good anyway, considering.  We played a little bit of pool to round out the evening (our team won -- all my doing, of course) -- all in all, a solid way to celebrate the birth of our nation.  A big shout-out to everyone I met yesterday (particularly Jim, Luke and Michelle -- still waiting for some good bribery stories).  A few more pictures are here.

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