Signs of a Good Day?
Is It Really Only Wednesday?!

Jamon It

Sometimes I look back at a weekend and wonder how the hell I managed to squeeze so much activity into it.  Friday night I had a lovely dinner at Barbuto with Matt, Alexia, and their friend Nicholas, then planned to go home, but somehow wound up at Otto for a bit.  I still managed to get to bed early enough to get up to meet Katie for a bike ride.  Our progress was somewhat impeded by a charity walk/run in Central Park, but we re-routed ourselves a bit and had a good ride anyway.  After biking, I met up with the ladies for an extra-special brunch at Florencia 13, perfect for Cinco de Mayo, Greta's birthday, and a visit from Teddi, who had flown in from Seattle.  After a few hours, I excused myself to go home and prepare for my 10-year law school reunion, which was later that night.  It was much more fun than I imagined -- I got to see tons of people I don't see very often and even more whom I hadn't seen since law school.  And best of all, some of us ended up at karaoke.


Sunday was the D'Artagnan Duckathlon -- a food-related competition of sorts where teams of four, most of which are from restaurants, participate in a bunch of mini-events -- everything from racing around Hogs & Heifers in flippers to guessing the weight of a suckling pig.  We certainly weren't the most experienced or competitive team in the running, but, shockingly, we won the ham-identifying event.  Our prize?  Each of us got an enormous Jamon de Bayonne and a bottle of white bordeaux.  Anyone out there have a deli slicer?  Thanks again to John B., Emilia, and Joe for being such good sports.

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