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Had a great weekend, but for some reason I'm feeling like I could use one more day off.  John B. came over on Friday night and was supposed to help me devour some lobsters, but alas, we had some "crustacean frustration" (a term coined by John) -- the lobsters, which were supposed to be sent to me for a Gothamist gig, never arrived.  Fortunately, Matt let us crash his Spanish dinner party.  We brought over some wine and the ingredients for Tia Pol's fried chickpeas and we were good to go.  Saturday I hit the greenmarket and got my first ramps of the season, then whipped up a super-farm-friendly brunch for Christopher, who was visiting from London.  The eggs, purple potatoes, creme fraiche, and milk for the coffee were all from my CSA, and the ramps, chives, and Canadian bacon from Flying Pigs Farm were from the greenmarket.  Spent the afternoon strolling and catching up with Eric, who I hadn't seen since my birthday (pathetic, but true), then went off to the wilds of East Williamsburg to see my friend Catherine's play, which was up on a rooftop overlooking the Manhattan skyline.  Afterwards, we had dinner, including some fantastic mac and cheese, at Northern Kingdom, which I recommend if you're ever way out in Williamsburg.  I'm not talking about the Bedford Stop -- this is more like the Montrose stop.  I don't think I'd ever made it out that far before. Today I went for a run and then took a trip up to Blue Hill at Stone Barns with Rob, Sara and Jimmy today and had an amazing lunch and stroll around the farm.  Thanks to Dad and Joan for subsidizing a good chunk of the meal (a gift certificate for Chanukah), to Jimmy for driving, and to Rob and Sara (and Jimmy) for being such great company, as always!  You can find the rest of the pictures here.

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