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Let's see -- just a little catching up since my last post.  I had a few relatively quiet nights this week, believe it or not.  Not too many, though.  Friday night, The Lovely Miss Katie and I tried out the new Blue Ribbon Bar -- definitely one to add to the regular rotation, although not too often, as it was pretty easy to go overboard, both on the delicious food and the wine flights (see the foie gras torchon above as evidence).  Saturday morning, after a workout, I met Dad at Chinatown Brasserie for some delicious dim sum, including my favorites, the shrimp dumplings with pea shoots, pictured above (love the eyes).  Sure, it's more expensive than Chinatown dim sum joints, but it's really worth it.  More pics of all the tastiness on flickr.

After some laundry and errands, I met up with Hugh for a drink -- it's hard to believe although we've "known" each other electronically for years, we've never actually met in person!  He was even sweet enough to draw me a cartoon on the back of my Gothamist card (thanks, Hugh!).  I did some cooking Saturday night and eventually fell asleep on the couch.  I suppose I was exhausted -- I slept for about 11 hours.

Today was Brooklyn day -- birthday brunch for Doug followed by a walk with Bill and dinner at Katie's.  In line with several of my other Brooklyn jaunts, I ran into someone I knew when I stopped in at Big Nose, Fully Body to buy some wine.  And now, I've tidied up my apartment and am going to hit the sack early so I can work out first thing before work.

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