Weekend Wrapup

Started off the weekend with a farewell party for Teddi, who's moving off to Seattle for 6 months.  As much as we all want Teddi to be happy, we selfishly want her to hate Seattle so that she'll come back to NYC.  I'm going to put her in touch with Geek and his family, who are living out there and can keep her company and show her around.  After that I went to see Neko Case with Doug.  I hadn't seen her before and neither of the people who had promised me a CD came through, but despite that, I enjoyed the show (and still would love a CD).  Following the show, we went to Cafe Grey for a drink and a snack.  We got extravagant and ordered a foie gras crostini, which literally took 45 minutes to come out after we had placed our order.  The bartender comped it, which was generous, and really the best way to handle the ridiculous delay.  After that, off to Otto for a nightcap with Roopa.

Saturday I spent some time purging papers and whatnot (the continuation of a process of purging paper, clothes, and other crap living in the back of my closets), had a great workout, and then headed to Rob's for raclette (a.k.a. melted cheese-fest).  After a major cheese overdose, I slept like a baby.  Woke up Sunday to draft a post on Gothamist (only to be trashed by our lovely commenters, who seem to have nothing better to do), then read the paper, threw in a couple of loads of laundry and headed to the gym.  Met up with Jenn D. to catch up a bit, then met up with Augie, Lauren, Rob, Sara, and the little one (wearing the hat I knit for him), for dinner at Morandi.  Can't say I loved it -- the things I liked the most (fried artichokes, meatballs, gorgonzola crostini) I can get at Gusto (where Chef Jody Williams formerly worked), and it was more expensive than we expected for what we got.  I took pictures with my fancy new camera, but haven't loaded up the software on my computer yet, so haven't managed to get them off the camera yet.  Finished up the night watching the Oscars with Rob and Sara before heading off to bed.

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