Off to the Wilds of Vermont
My Dirty Little Secret

I'm Drivin' in My Car

Well, not my car.  A rental car.  I (and my passagers) survived my first time driving around and out of Manhattan -- somehow I managed to make it this far without doing it.  It went just fine, for the record.  OJ was full of friends, fun, food, music, a great run in the pine-scented air, and a fantastic video that Jay made to commemorate our 10th annual OJ

Upon returning home on Sunday, I was able to sneak in a power nap before heading off to my judging duties at the Vendy's -- you can find out who won on Gothamist.  It was an incredibly fun event, and I got to see a cross-section of my world: mom, beach house folks, public interest law folks, food people -- they were all there.  I somehow managed to take very few pictures the whole weekend, but I'll get them up soon.

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