A Few of My Favorite Things

Planet of the Exes

My friend Eliza and I were daydreaming yesterday.  We were dreaming of a place to which all ex-boyfriends would disappear for about six months after a breakup.  "Another city," I suggested.  "Another planet -- planet of the Ex-Boyfriends!" she countered.  What an excellent idea.  They would all be banished to the Planet of the Ex-Boyfriends so that there would be no chance of running into them.  They'd still have to work (remotely -- the wonders of technology), but there would be no women there (so we need not worry that they're dating someone else so soon after the breakup), and there would be plenty of time during which they would be required to sit and reflect upon the error of their ways.  After they served their time, they would be permitted to return -- to find us looking fabulous and happily dating someone else.

We girls can dream, can't we?

* Just a note if you happen to be an ex of mine and reading this -- please don't take this personally.  It's more of a hypothetical; not directed to anyone in particular.  You know that I always manage to stay friends with all of you regardless . . .

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