The Safety Word is "Bananas"
Identity Theft

Songs in My Head

Touching back to my discussion of theme songs, I think I've found a good one -- 1985.  It's not quite accurate (it refers to "her two kids in high school"), but it still sort of rings true.  I'll freely admit that my musical tastes are stuck in 1985.  The other song that is competely stuck in my head these days is Overkill by Men at Work.  We learned it out at the beach house and I've been singing it nonstop since.  Unfortunately, I'll miss seeing Colin Hay this Thursday night because I'll be shaking my booty at the Ozomatli show.

Had a busy week -- got a new DVR (I'm a little worried it'll turn me into a hermit), had dinner with the girls from the beach house on Thursday at Esperanto, and then last night was drinks at White Horse followed by dinner at Blue Smoke.  No worries, I'll be working it all off today on a bike ride to Piermont -- my longest ride so far this season.  Hopefully I'll make it back in one piece!

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